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The topic of water is no longer the primary domain of major users and providers, environmentalists, agencies and scientists. We are at a critical and exciting juncture where multiple industries and interests are converging to rise to the challenges of ensuring a resilient and accessible water future. Join Brownstein and WestWater Research for a forum of candid and insightful conversations on investing in a sustainable water future. This summit brings together leaders throughout the water sector to connect and discuss a wide range of topics around, literally and figuratively, investing in our most vital natural resource.





*Subject to change. Click here to view the full agenda.

  • Meeting Municipal Needs in an Era of Water Reallocation

  • Nature-based Solutions for Demand Management, Watershed and Supply Resiliency

  • Water Supply Enhancement

  • Unlocking Sustainable Growth Through Groundwater and Infrastructure

  • Water Reliability and Demand Management

  • Sustainable Investments in Water Resources and Infrastructure

  • Future of Groundwater Banking and Storage

  • Water Supply Risk and Farmland Investments

  • Desalination Solutions and Opportunities

  • Policy Trends Restricting Private Water Investment


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